Greetings!IMG_20150201_092238I believe it’s time for some update (:

Things have been going great and bad at the same time.

Let’s talk about the bad first.

One of my bosses decided she would pay me late for 2 months and when she did finally give me my cheques, she short-paid me. Political emails (with the help of the amazing boyfriend) flew here and there and I managed to shut her up. Doesn’t mean that’s the end. I am bringing the case up to the small claims tribunal to terminate my contract with her (without having to pay a ridiculous compensation of $2000).

Aside from that, life has been great!

Valentine’s day came…

IMG_20150214_091650We had our V-day dinner at Pasta Bella ­čśÇ The way he cares about my preferences is pretty damn amazing.

And even though he couldn’t find anything garfield, he placed a minnie mouse plush toy on top of a bouquet of flowers with a Pandora charm and paul frank key chain.. All ‘cos he knows I also love minnie mouse and paul frank.

He met the entire family.


This was at my grandma’s place. He rushed from the airport (he just got back from a company retreat but didn’t care how tired he was and still bought gifts for my entire family) to my place then over to my grandma’s. Grandma loves him. Auntie Michelle loves him. Basically my whole family loves him.

IMG_20150223_022618 Including Sophie and Hachi. More than anyone else.

Then came Chinese New Year!IMG_20150225_075940

We spent reunion and first day of CNY separately and his family kept questioning why he didn’t bring me out/over. So..yes, his family loves me. Too. More than any other family has ever loved me (other than my own parents of course).

But he came over on second day! He joined me for lunch with my dad’s side of the family before rushing down to my grandma’s place (on his own accord) to wish her happy new year.IMG_20150304_011918Tadah~

He then brought me over to his uncle’s place for dinner and (a lot of) drinking.

Third and fourth day was basically spent with him as well. A lot more visiting and drinking and of course..IMG_20150223_121331 more selfies together! For some reason I subconsciously left a lot of new clothes unworn and could wear them for the whole 4 day weekend of CNY.

He dragged me to River Ang Bao 2015 ‘cos apparently my dance video was aired there.IMG_20150228_082443┬áUs at the floating platform!

We didn’t manage to catch my video ‘cos we spent a bit of time looking for parking so…we missed it. But we still had fun! (minus me feeling suffocated by the crowd but it’s ok he got me out of there as soon as he realised.)

He’s been staying over at my place every weekend. Sometimes we eat whatever breakfast my parents buy us, sometimes he goes out to get breakfast for all of us and sometimes…
IMG_20150301_123149sometimes we just feel like eating out (: ignoremypuffyfaceokthankyou

Last Sunday we attended one of his secondary school classmate’s wedding dinner together (:
IMG_20150302_085410 IMG_20150303_094129 He insisted I go along as his plus-one.

If you were to ask how happy I am in life right now, I’d say never been better.

I have a boyfriend who

  • brings me on spontaneous dates
  • buys gifts for not just me but my entire family
  • takes care of Sophie and Hachi and even calls them “children”
  • asks me for my opinion and respects them
  • wants to tell the world I’m his girlfriend
  • proudly uploads pictures of me/us on social media
  • sacrifices his bed for me when I stayed over his place
  • would stay up all night just to make sure I have a good sleep
  • dries my hair for me when my hair is dripping with water after shower
  • closes my contact lens lotion bottle when I forget to close it
  • drives me home without fail no matter what time it is
  • holdsmyhandshugsmewipesmytearscarriesme
  • basicallyeverythingthatmakesmereallyhappy

And the best thing is, I’ve never asked him to do any of these for me.


Sophie and Hachi both love him like mad crazy. Oh, have I said that already? Heh.

All in all, life has been BAZINGA!

IMG_20150222_015347Till the next update, ciao~

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IMG_20150102_102222you are my lucky charm and you make me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. :*

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HELLO 2015

Spent the first half day of 2015 at his place.

Wasn’t supposed to stay over but I came down with a terrible headache+fever (no, I was not drunk).

He spent the whole night taking water for me, applying medicated oil and wiping my sweat.

Once in a while snoring a little whenever he managed to doze off.

But all in all, still super thankful for him.

As much as I didn’t expect myself to be sick on the first day of 2015, I didn’t quite expect him to stay up the whole nightmorning┬átaking care of me either ­čÖé

So…IMG_20150101_113124Here’s baby Stacey (his baby niece) and I wishing you a happy, blessed and prosperous 2015 and may your new year be filled with joy and love!

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I have decided to write a post about my year summarised since it’s New Year’s Eve’s eve. Yes, I just did that.

2014 started out pretty bad. My teaching career was not getting anywhere, I was miserable with my ex and my acting career was picking up paces really slowly. I eventually managed to resign from my first teaching company which was paying me below market rate in March, enjoyed some time off to myself (while becoming really broke with no pay) and subsequently in June I found another teaching company that paid me slightly better.

In September I managed to leave my ex for good and life got a lot better. For one, I could meet any friend I wanted, guy or girl, and with his negative mindset out of the way, I could finally view the world with a positive mindset again. With bad luck and negativity out of my life, my career improved and I started getting praises at work. Catching up with old friends led me to a whole bunch of new friends, some of whom I’m pretty close with now.

My acting career also picked up, I got casted for Singapore Kindness Movement videos (of which I go re-casted for the 2nd season while the 1st season is probably getting extended for an additional year of screening) and also other personal projects on youtube like Lens Rebels and 3:15am.

On top of it all, I wished an old friend (of 9 years) happy birthday not long after the break up. We kept chatting, almost everyday, ever since. Soon enough we met up a few times and chatted a lot more. As we both went on our respective trips overseas (me with my mum, him with his brother), the distance REALLY got us fonder.

Along the way he had attempted to make me accept him but I kept making him wait LOL as I wanted to be more certain and also see how serious he really is. As he made a lot of efforts, in terms of gifts/goingthedistance/understandingmebetter/patience, on the night of my birthday…

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.42.23 pmI must say I’m quite surprised he went to update the relationship status. Of all the guys I’ve gotten together with, he’s the only one who told me he wants everyone to know I’m his now. Ok cheesy much but ANYWAYS, yea in the end my heart melted and I accepted him but it was pass midnight so I consider it 27th so yes I’m attached to a MAN now!

To end off..

IMG_20141227_122012The Zodiac prediction at the start of the year was right; my 2014 was meant to get better towards the end of the year. So…Here’s to a better and blessed 2015 for me, for us and for the ones I hold close to my heart.

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One of the guys I used to date is the reservist sergeant major of the guy I’m dating now.

What a small small world.

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It’s time to let myself fall in love. Properly.

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…to be taken care of…
…to be protected…
…to be pampered…
…to be treated with respect…

This is also what it’s like to reject 3 guys in just 10 days.

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