Lombok Destination Wedding Q&A

If there’s one decision we made that I’m proud of, it would be the decision to do our dinner reception overseas with a small guest list.

Similarly to my SG Wedding Q&A post, I’m about to do up a Q&A post on having my dinner reception overseas in a matching manner. For this post, I hope I will reach out to those who are thinking of having a destination wedding and have many questions in mind.

And so, I will also be talking about:

  1. what/who/where did I choose (type of wedding, gowns, bouquets, etc.)
  2. why I chose them
  3. is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked
  4. if I re-did my wedding, would I choose them again?

Here it goes again!


What type of wedding did I choose?

Destination dinner reception in Lombok in the style of garden wedding.

Why did I choose this style of wedding?

Before Kenneth and I even got together, I knew in the back of my mind that if I were to ever get married I would never do a typical 30-40 table hotel wedding banquet. It did not make sense to me, spending almost a hundred thousand bucks on people, most of which I am not close to, some of which I only meet once a year (thanks to Chinese New Year) and the last few whom I probably have never talked to or even met before!

So slightly over a year after Kenneth and I got together, when we started talking about the prospects of getting married, I raised the option of having our dinner reception in an overseas island nearby. Kenneth was very open to that idea and it took a bit of negotiation before both our parents agreed as well.

Why garden wedding? I wasn’t very keen on a beach wedding (not a big fan of having sand in my footwear) and, coincidentally, the location we ended up choosing only had the option of garden wedding.

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about having a destination garden wedding?

I think the main difficulty is really the exchange of ideas without concrete view. Kenneth and I had previously took a trip down to Kebun Villas & Resort in Lombok to check them out and although we had a rough idea of how our venue was like, subsequent communications about decoration was still pretty difficult to imagine without being physically there.

Aside from that, everything else is actually pretty easy. With the current age of e-communication via Whatsapp, it really brings international communication to a whole new level. Planning can continue to happen while Kenneth and I were in Singapore as, even though Bianca Fung (the manager of Kebun Villas & Resort) was largely located in Lombok, messages and picture references could still be sent to each other through Whatsapp.

I also liked the idea of having the chance to “custom-make” my own wedding. I didn’t have to choose my favourite theme out of all the hotels’ themes, I get to make it from scratch with Bianca. From fairy lights to chandeliers, VIP long table to lounge seating, a REAL WEDDING CAKE to popping champagne of our choice to floating lotuses, from extensive floral deco to actually have faunas around us during the dinner reception, from life size games like tic tac toe/jenga/link 4 to a crazy after party in the pool. Everything customised to our preferences.

With that said, it goes to show Bianca visualises and bring to life ideas very well. The 16 months of planning was more than worth it.

Would I still do it this way?

YES. It was so much more fun than any wedding I’ve attended (no offences but sometimes #truthhurts) and it still does not make sense for me to pay almost a hundred thousand dollars on people I barely meet or talk to.

It cost us slightly over 20 thousand dollars for this huge event and, sure, we didn’t receive ang pao money to cover our costs, which we weren’t expecting to anyway since it’s a destination wedding and it already meant a big deal to us for our friends and loved ones to have had been able to make it, but we didn’t lose 20 thousand dollars; we earned invaluable memories. THAT compared to spending 40-50 thousand dollars OR MORE on people we weren’t close to and possibly losing up to 30 thousand dollars (based on stories we heard), the 20 thousand dollars we spent was far more worthy of every cent.



Where did I have my destination dinner reception?

Kebun Villas & Resort in Lombok, Indonesia.

Why did I choose this venue/location?

Once Kenneth and I mutually agreed to have our dinner reception overseas, we started researching on nearby islands. Here are the list of islands we looked at and why we rejected these islands:

  • Batam -> despite the fact that it’s near and convenient/dirt cheap to get to on a ferry, the resorts were either really beautiful but REALLY EXPENSIVE or really cheap but really shit. Only Montigo had private pools in their villas but of course if you’ve been there you should know even their 1 bed-room villas are really expensive.
  • Bintan -> same, near and convenient/dirt cheap to get to by ferry but also resorts either really beautiful but really expensive or really cheap but really shit. Of which I believe none of the resorts provide villas with private pools.
  • Phuket -> though a short plane ride away, easily accessible resorts/villas/whathaveyous are flippin’ expensive while the nice and reasonably priced ones are quite a distance away.
  • Bali -> I am one who can’t unhear what’s been heard. Some of you might already know where I’m going at.  There’s this infamous curse in Bali where unmarried couples who travel to Bali together will inevitably end up separated. This is due to a legend where a young prince and young princess in Bali were madly in love. However, one day, that particular prince decided he was just gonna disappear on the young princess. So that particular princess decided to put a curse on all unmarried couples who visited Bali, cursing them to break up upon leaving Bali. Of course it’s a myth but I’ve seen my fair share of unmarried couples who visited Bali together end up separated. But there are also those who survived the curse. To each its own. I didn’t want to take that risk. Neither did I want to put my unmarried couple guests in that risk.
  • Australia -> yes, I know it’s an entire country (and tectonic plate) on its own BUT it’s like a second home to me. As much as I love this country and I call it my second home, it just did not make sense financially.

We only explored these few as we are somewhat familiar with these few islands.

Then I noticed a few pictures and advertorial posts of Lombok popping out here and there so I started looking up Lombok and also showed Kenneth. Kenneth found it interesting and a possible option and so, one fine Sunday afternoon in March 2016 while Kenneth and I were lazing around in the living room of my parents’ place, my dad, out of nowhere, asked us, “BOTH OF YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT GETTING MARRIED SO WHEN ARE THE BOTH OF YOU ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED?!”

*frantically open laptop and start searching Agoda for resorts in Lombok*

The very first resort that caught our eyes was Kebun Villas & Resort. Their pictures on Agoda were STUNNING. Their main infinity pool (currently the longest on the island), their villas, the greenery, everything. So I went to check their website out to see if they had any wedding packages. None. LOL I could have just “ok, next” but for some reason I felt compelled to send them an email to enquire more.

Moments later, a friend from a church I used to attend sent me a Facebook message, telling me he’s seated right beside Bianca at a wedding in Singapore.


So my friend passed Bianca my number, Bianca sent me a message via Whatsapp, initiated a meet up twice (Kenneth told me to reject the meet the first time) and we met up. With no clue what I wanted for my wedding. Didn’t even know it was going to be a garden wedding. But after an hour or so of discussion, we roughly pinned down a theme: rustic royal.

Kenneth and I also took a trip down to Lombok about 2 months later in May 2016 to check out their Cendana (3 bedroom) Villa where the reception was going to be held. With that visit, we could visualise better what we were going to get ourselves into. It was also because of that visit, that Kenneth and I fell head over heels with their villa and decided, yes, this would be where we were going to have our dinner reception.

Is there anything I liked/disliked about this venue?

I didn’t like the venue. I LOVED IT. Take a trip there and you will know what I mean. You literally don’t ever need to get out of their resort! They have EVERYTHING! Every room/villa comes with complimentary stuff (e.g. one packet of potato chips, 1 or 2 cans of BEER LIKE WHERE DO U GET FREE BEER RIGHT, a few cans of soda). Need toiletries? Their showers/baths come with shampoos and body wash. Their cafe, Gula Gila, situated right at the entrance of their resort, sells things like usb cords, power adaptor (if you don’t have 2 pin plugs like theirs in Indonesia), toothbrush, toothpaste, cup noodles AND SO ON. Their resort restaurant serves GOOD FOOD. It’s not even just decent, IT’S GOOD. Like, carbonara with poached egg kind of good.

In May 2016 I only walked out to explore the nearby shops and area in the evenings to try out some massage places and other restaurants. This time for my wedding trip in July 2017, I only walked out ONCE out of the 8 days we were there. The remaining days were spent in the villa by the private pool soaking in the sun working on a tan ordering in-house dining. We headed out with Kenny Lim (owner of Kebun) and Bianca for dinner twice (1st night and last night) and supper on the very night of our dinner reception after all our guests had left to rest.

Their staff are also very efficient, professional and extremely friendly. Some of them even remembered me from my May 2016 trip!

There’s really nothing I disliked about this place. Even the 1-1.5 hour drive from the airport was worth it ‘cos you get to see the local agriculture, shops and beaches along the way.

Will I still choose this venue if I redid my wedding?

YA DUH?! Over and over again I’d still choose Kebun for my dinner reception. Kenneth and I are even planning on heading back again and again for getaways!



Where did I get my gown?

I got my gown from Bridal Place Malacca as well.

Why did I choose to get my gown there?

I guess for this, I really need to get down to details.

ACTUALLY, I had a dream gown I tried on earlier this year (or maybe end of 2016 I can’t really remember lol) that really flattered my figure in many ways possible. Here it is:

The problem with this gown was, it came with a huge price tag. It was a few thousand dollars even after discount. Till this day I still think of that dream gown, did anyone get it, what would my wedding have looked like if I wore that gown instead, etc.

But one thing’s for sure: it wasn’t practical to get that gown.

I guess if Kenneth and I were millionaires, we could get any outfits we wanted, whether they were just slightly over a grand or maybe a few 10s of thousands. The thing is, we weren’t. We did have the money to spend comfortably on our wedding (and of course still hope that the ang pao moneys would cover some of our costs) but we didn’t have the money to spend lavishly.

Also, this gown was mermaid. I already had a white mermaid gown for church (covered by a cape but it’s still mermaid haha) and I guess I wouldn’t have wanted to go through another night of uncomfortableness. I probably wouldn’t have been able to sit at the lounge area with our younger guests if I had gotten this gown. So practicality wise, it also didn’t make sense for me to get this gown.

Then I resorted to Dressily Me. I saw this semi-ballroom kind of gown that had a slit and was off shoulder which looked completely gorgeous and sexy on the bride who wore it in their pictures. I got it made-to-measure for slightly over a hundred bucks, extremely excited to check out how it would look on me but alas. When it came and I tried it on, I looked crap in it.

Let me show you what I saw and what I got:

Just so many nos in so many levels. It didn’t quite look like what they showed in pictures! It was much more blue than grey. And I also figured I just look horrible in ballgown. I look shorter, almost disappearing.

So with all that said, during one of our trips to Malacca for our photoshoot, I decided to take a look at some of their coloured gowns and saw the brown one! It was semi-mermaid with silk-like material. Everyone liked it on me (I whatsapp-ed a few people back in SG photos of me in the gown). And so we got it.

Is there anything I liked/disliked about getting my gown in Malacca?

Before I found this gown, their previous variety of evening gowns were not exactly very flattering. Or maybe they just weren’t to my taste. So the fact that it was quite last minute made it quite stressful. What if I can’t find anything? What if they need more time to tailor the gown to my size?

BUT they managed to get it done for me. I bought it during my trip down for photoshoot, they tailored it while I’m back in SG waiting for my photos and I collected the gown during the same trip I went back down to collect my photos. All in all there were no wasted or extra trips needed!

Would I still get my gown there?

I think if I had to redo my wedding, I probably would make sure I had way way WAY more savings to have more flexibility in the choices of gowns. AIYA KIDDING, even though I know how impractical it would be to get that expensive gown that flattered my figure, I still keep thinking about that particular gown cos it fit me so well and I looked so good in it. But getting that gown really would have made my dinner reception a very uncomfortable one for me.

The gown I ended up getting served its purpose and matched Kenneth’s silver suit. It’s still semi-mermaid so I was still comfortable in it and yet it also somewhat flattered my figure.

BUT I don’t know if they will have any other gowns that will be as flattering and beautiful so…this really depends. I will still head down while I’m in Malacca to check their gowns out I guess but I don’t know of the chances of me getting a nice one again.



Who did I engage?

For hair, Bianca got it sorted for me based on the style I wanted to go for and she got Jia Jia from New Charly Salon. I don’t have their website or anything, sorry!

For make up, I did it myself!!!!!! Based on all the years (about 14 years to be exact) of experience plus tips I learnt from make up artists while I did film acting in Singapore and also checking out youtube videos on make up tips. I think I did a pretty damn good job hahahaha.

Why…? (I don’t really know how to phrase this question in this context lol)

For hair, simply because it’s too goddamn difficult to do ur own hair. It’s not impossible but I have never really dolled up my hair much in my lifetime so I obviously need professional help.

I didn’t exactly get to choose form a range of hairstylists because I didn’t have any contacts in Lombok so I literally trust Bianca to get me the best and she did!

For make up, initially it was really just to save cost. But then after I did my own make up I realise, you only know your own face best. Only YOU will know what you want. Only YOU will understand the “flaws” you see on your face and work on it by make up. So I guess it all worked out well.

Is there anything I liked/disliked about getting it done this way?

Jia Jia was late. Not 10-15 minutes kind of late. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES KIND OF LATE. That unleashed the bridezilla in me. I get it, I tend to be late for my appointments as well. BUT NOT FORTY-FIVE MINUTES KIND OF LATE. So that really messed up my feel for the day from the very beginning already.

On top of the fact that she was FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATE, she also took DAMN BLOODY LONG for my hair. I think 2 hours? Cos of the major humongous delay, I had to rush through my make up.

Photographers and videographer came on the dot so they started to rush me so we could go take some photos and boy did that make me boil even more. To be rushed and blamed for something that wasn’t even my fault to begin with? You picked the wrong woman. AND I STILL HAD TO SMILE FOR PHOTOS DURING THAT FRUSTRATION. Like. HOW?!

I guess the only take away from this whole ordeal was that my hair was really done up very very nicely. Thankfully enough I still managed to get my make up down perfectly amidst the rush and frustration.

Would I still engage her?

You see, this is a tricky question. I don’t have any contacts in Lombok so it would have been difficult for me to give a flat NO. Also, at the end of it all, she did deliver good results and made my hair look amazing. So I guess I’m on the fence?

If I were to engage her again I would probably get Bianca to nag at her till she gets it in her head that she needs to be on time in order for other things to NOT be delayed even further.



Who did I engage?

Timeless Photography. Head photographer: Yossi. Videographer: Adit.

Why did I engage them?

Likewise, I had no contacts in Lombok and Bianca recommended them.

I didn’t want to bring in a photographer and videographer from Singapore as it would have cost a bomb. Singaporean rates are getting a little steep and I would also have had to pay for their flight and accommodation.

So when Bianca recommended this team, and Kenneth & I looked through their portfolio, we thought, yea why not? 900SGD for photo AND video AND hard copy albums. And their photos were not bad!

Was there anything I liked/disliked about their services?

I guess we kind of started off on the wrong foot on the actual day itself, with the hairstylist being awfully late and taking ages to get my hair done. I was already frustrated and their team also rushed me twice to be ready so Kenneth actually told them off.

On top of that, I notice Yossi likes using random objects, e.g. a drinking glass, to blur out certain parts of the photo to put the main focus on the moment he wants to capture. Initially I thought it was a pretty cool thing to do but then he kept doing it for a number of photos so it no longer ended up as a fresh idea so to speak.

Also, Yossi does minimal editing and that’s his style which I respect. But what I didn’t quite like was how he didn’t edit my yellow teeth, my eye bags, my double chin (closing one eye on this), Kenneth’s scarred face, Kenneth’s balding spot etc. It really felt like he shot it and just passed the whole batch of photos to us as they were.

So before uploading the photos up to an online platform, I literally edited every. single. photo. that had us in it. It took me about 2-3 weeks. I felt like, ok, maybe cos it was just 900SGD so I had to finish up his loose ends.

When I raised the matter up to Bianca and Bianca passed the message on to Yossi, he said the photos were already sent for printing and couldn’t be edited anymore.

Great. I guess we will just tuck the hard copies in one corner of our future home.

Would I engage them again?

This is the same issue with the hairstylist; I have no contacts in Lombok!

Ok maybe this time round I would do my homework. After all photographers should be less difficult to source for online.

IF I can’t find a better photographer with a similar quote, then, yes, I’ll have no choice but to engage them.

But given how the internet saves lives every other day, I think it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone of similar or better standard who EDITS THEIR PHOTOS to their customers’ requests.



Who did I engage?

Mawar Saron Florist & Decoration (I don’t have their website either, haha sorry)

Why did I engage them?

Same same. I had no other contacts in Lombok LOL. I told Bianca I wanted carnations, I wanted hyacinths (not many florists like/have hyacinths) and I wanted a bouquet similar to this:


Was there anything I liked/disliked about their services?

This question ought to be answered by Bianca HAHA ‘cos she was the overall planner, she dealt with the florist the entire time while I was fuming mad with the hairstylist.

According to Bianca, she came TWO HOURS LATE. Bianca told me it’s a Lombok thing lol but even then, Bianca was also fuming mad and cursing & swearing the entire time. Like me. But I was indoors while I cursed & sweared.

Aside from being two hours late, the entire set up was amazing! Also, the bouquet was exactly what I wanted, but with golden sprayed carnations!



The floral arc was also so damn beautiful!


I wish I could bring the floral arc home sia seriously.

But I did wish I was advised to do the entire floral arc with artificial flowers with golden sprayed carnations inserted here and there. The back of the floral arc had 2 more batches of REAL FLOWERS which were splendid and beautiful but really the attention went entirely to the white artificial ones at the front cos they look so dreamy!

Not forgetting the cute little baby breaths and pink carnations they provided for my hairdo!

Would I hire them again?

Given the DISASTER I had with the florist I engaged for my wedding in Singapore, YES. MANY TIMES YES. I loved the flowers this florist provided. They even gave SPARE FLOWERS which I eventually gave to my bridesmaids as bouquets! I doubt Singaporean florists will do such a thing.

Of course, I would make sure Bianca would continuously badger the florist to arrive on time!



Where did we get them done?

Sg Wedding Favors (FB)

Why did we get them to do it for us?

Actually, the owner of SG Wedding Favors is the daughter-in-law of a dear friend I met during my schooling years in LASALLE. So when my friend, Dorothy, found out I was engaged and planning my wedding, she approached me, letting me know that should I be planning on getting any wedding favours done, her daughter-in-law has a business in wedding favours.

In the process of the whole planning, Kenneth and I didn’t quite know what we wanted to have as wedding favours. I kept thinking of things our guests will actually use and not end up discarding in a stash in some corner or, worse, throw it out completely. I thought of things like…jam…so you know..they can consume it HAHA but it just didn’t quite feel right. We needed something that represents Kenneth and I.

So I asked Kenneth, when people thought of us, what would they think? Kenneth’s immediately reply was beer. Bingo. And almost immediately I had a eureka moment. BOTTLE OPENER!!!!!!

So I searched for bottle opener wedding favours and so many designs popped up. They had cute designs and credit card sized designs. Within the credit card sized designs there were also cool designs like bottle opener with playing cards design. But well, it made more sense for us to make one that had details of our wedding and customise them to our guests’ specific names.

So I approached Vimun (owner of SG Wedding Favors) around January and told her about what I had in mind and she told me it’s doable! I got back to her again in May when I had somewhat finalised my guest list and passed it to her for her to customise the bottle openers.

Was there anything I liked/disliked about getting it done with SG Wedding Favors?

Nothing really. Vimun was extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole process. I noticed 2 spelling errors (my own mistake) and asked if I could make 2 extra. It definitely cost more to just make 2 customised bottle openers but I was willing to pay that extra cost and she managed to get it done!

During the process of it, Vimun’s supplier also decided to charge her an extra sum of money due to the “hard work” of customising each and every one of the openers and while Vimun brought that issue up to me, she also gave me the choice whether I wanted to help with that extra sum. Well if she was just any tomdickharry vendor I had, I probably wouldn’t have helped out HAHA but she was my friend’s daughter-in-law and I wasn’t ready to burn this bridge, hence Kenneth and I decided to share the extra cost.

Would I still hire her to do little favors/door gifts?

If I redid my wedding, YES. But I do wish her supplier had more flexibility in customising the gifts. I was hoping to make 2 towels for 2 toddlers who attended out wedding but they refused to customise just 2 towels. I understand the trouble BUT I WAS WILLING TO PAY FOR EXTRA COSTS WA LAO. I guess if I had to do other gifts that didn’t need customising, I would definitely go back to Vimun!



How did I get them done?

Similarly to the one I did for our Singapore Church wedding, I got them done online, save picture and sent to Kenneth’s friend for printing.

Why did I do it this way?

Saves cost!

Was there anything I liked/disliked about doing it this way?

Totally no dislikes!

Would I still do it this way?





As you can see from the photos, I got mine from Aldo and Kenneth got his from Pedro. He wore the same pair for the actual day in Singapore. As for why I didn’t get heels, IT’S A GARDEN WEDDING I WILL DIE. And really, no one will see. The only purpose of heels when you get floor-length gowns is really just to make u taller so you won’t step on the gowns.

The only issue I had for wearing flat gladiator sandals was it didn’t make me taller and I was stepping on my gown left right centre because I’m clearly not the most elegant female you will find.

Pool FloatsIMG_5923

Although we had the option of renting them from Kebun, I still decided to get them online and maybe sell them. Lucky for me, I found them on sale on Singsale so they didn’t cost a bomb!



So here’s a list of will engage again and will not engage again if I re-did my wedding:

Highly recommended, will engage again:

  1. Kebun Villas & Resort [their fb] – Wedding venue
  2. Bridal Place Malacca – Wedding gown
  3. Jia Jia from New Charly Salon – Wedding hair; provided she’s ON TIME or at the most 15 minutes late MAX.
  4. Mawar Saron Florist & Decoration – Wedding floral arrangment

On the fence, will not engage if I can find better:

  1. Timeless Photography (their instagram) – Wedding photography; I like their shots, they really take very beautiful shots but really, the editing needs bucking up.

Highly NOT recommended, will not engage again:

  1. NONE! SURPRISE SURPRISE! I guess I enjoyed myself too much for this wedding haha.




So yea, I obviously have no regrets whatsoever. We actually had relatives (Kenneth’s relative to be exact) coming to us telling us how we shouldn’t have done it this way ‘cos it’s a waste of money and we can’t cover our costs.

Well here’s what I have to say:

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime thing as long as you don’t screw your marriage up and re-marry.

For Kenneth and I, up till now, 2 months on, we still look back at our wedding with a smile, really glad we chose to do our wedding the way we want it.

For something that’s once in a lifetime, it’s only right to do it the way that both the bride and groom will be happy and will enjoy. I highly do NOT believe in doing it for parents and relatives. If they want it THEIR way then, well, they can get married again and then they can have the freedom to do it their way.

If you’re all for spending approximately a hundred thousand dollars on a hotel banquet in Singapore for approximately 30 tables, inviting every single tomdickharry, some of which you may not have even met before, and don’t mind the risk of not knowing whether you can cover the cost, go for it. Like I said it’s YOUR wedding and if that’s what you have in mind there really isn’t anything wrong with it either.

If you’re like Kenneth and me (more of me), where you’re not keen on inviting people you’re not close with, not on good terms with and might not even know, and if you’re ok with losing just about 20 thousand dollars, go for an intimate wedding somewhere. Doesn’t have to be overseas even. Actually, IT’S NOT A LOSS OF MONEY. It’s money spent on a celebration that should be UNIQUELY YOURS.

So, don’t compare. I may not be up for having a hotel banquet but it’s not wrong either. You may not be up for having an intimate wedding and that’s also perfectly fine. What’s most important is you don’t judge people for their choices of wedding styles. NEITHER DO YOU AS AN ELDERLY THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS TO CONTROL HOW YOUR OFFSPRINGS OR “YOUNGERLIES” CHOOSE TO CELEBRATE THEIR MARRIAGE AKA WEDDING.

I’m going to repeat this one last time: YOU ONLY GET MARRIED ONCE IF YOU DO IT RIGHT IN YOUR MARRIAGE so please don’t end up with regrets.

To end it all off, here’s a short video of our amazing wedding =) :

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SG Wedding Q&A

After going through roughly a year of stressful wedding planning, I believe it’s only right to give back to society (in this case, other brides-to-be) by answering commonly asked questions across the board. I may not be able to re-do my wedding but I can always help others out there who are planning their own.

I will be talking about

  1. what/who/where did I choose (type of wedding, gowns, bouquets, etc.)
  2. why I chose them
  3. is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked
  4. if I re-did my wedding, would I choose them again?

Let’s get to the chase!



What type of wedding did I choose?

Catholic church wedding, with the traditional 过大礼 (two weeks before), gate crash and tea ceremonies.

Why did I choose this style?

I’m a protestant and I’ve always wanted a church wedding no matter what. And as a Christian, I feel a wedding should not just be based on a piece of paper, but rather, a union of two bodies in the eyes of God. Lucky for me, my then-boyfriend-now-husband, Kenneth, is Catholic. HOWEVER, he’s a cradle Catholic and had not been attending church for a long while so it took a bit of effort to convince him to have a church wedding.

Also, both of us had (and still have) to recognise our roots; we are evidently Chinese. So while we decided on having a Catholic church wedding, we also knew and agreed that we needed to also do it traditionally. So we followed our parents’ instructions and did the traditional customs of a Chinese wedding accordingly.

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about this style of wedding?

The traditional side of our wedding is definitely way more complicated and it added a further $3000 (approximately) to our costs.

Would I still go for this style of wedding?

Yes. Church wedding is way more significant than a ROM ceremony and as long as we can afford it, we will still go for it. Also, we can’t escape the fact that we’re Chinese. Despite the complicated details and added costs, there wasn’t anything in it where we didn’t enjoy. Discussions might have caused some frictions between us and our parents a few times but at the end of it, the traditional experiences were still fun. It also helped us get back to our roots, which we are not ashamed of.



Where did I get my gowns?

In Malacca! More specifically, Bridal Place Malacca. That’s for my white gown for church. For my cheongsam that I changed into to return to my parents’ place for tea ceremony, I got it from Chinatown, where else? 32 New Market Road. Head to the 2nd storey and you will find a whole stretch of tailor shops, specialising in cheong sam. I got mine from one of those that also sold the traditional things you need to get for the traditional side of weddings cos while shopping for those things I happened to notice their whole range of gowns and cheong sams which were really gorgeous!

Why did I get them there?

For my white gown, how it happened was, last year June, Kenneth and I took a trip down to Malacca to attend one of our friend’s wedding banquet there. While we were there, since we already knew we were eventually going to get married (although Kenneth had not proposed yet) we decided to take a look at wedding gowns in the city. TO MY SURPRISE, the bridal shops there were close to 10 times bigger than those here in Singapore!! And Bridal Place Malacca had really uniquely gorgeous gowns!

For my cheong sam, it was an impromptu decision while we were there shopping for traditional things to get for the traditional aspect of our weddings, as mentioned earlier. I knew I had to get something to change into for tea ceremony at my parents’ place but I couldn’t quite put my mind on what I really wanted to get; another gown or just a simple short cheong sam. However, that place had nice gowns and cheong sams of many different lengths and after trying on a few pieces, everyone felt the pink one suited me best so I got it.

Is there anything I liked/disliked about getting my gowns at these places?

No, actually. Ok maybe for getting my gown from Malacca, I had to take trips down to tailor it to my fitting BUT, we did it whenever we headed back for our photoshoot or collection of our photoshoot pictures so it really all worked out well. On top of that, I really loved my white gown. I’ve not seen anything of its kind anywhere else. Initially the gown looked horrendous on the mannequin but when I tried it on, everyone (including myself) was like THIS IS THE ONE.

Even the cheong sam was easy cos they did my entire cheong sam from scratch based on my measurements (but I did hope they made it slightly more tight fitting though) and Chinatown isn’t a single bit inconvenient to get to.

Would I still get my gowns there?

YES YES MANY MANY YES. It was an opportunity to have a short getaway from Singapore. We didn’t do much shopping, we only ate a lot, which is something you would still do anywhere you are cos you need to stay alive, so the only additional cost would be our hotel stay which was just roughly $50-$150 per night depending on which hotel and what rooms you book.



Where did we get our pre-wedding photoshoot done?

Also, MALACCA. More specifically, also BRIDAL PLACE MALACCA. But I also wanted shoots done with my 2 black poodles so we did another one in Singapore with Samantha from Bittersweet Photography.

Why did we get our shoot done with them?

For Malacca, one simple word: CHEAP. Prior to Malacca, I actually never wanted to do a formal photoshoot. I found it a waste of money and….superficial? Putting on multiple gowns but not getting married on that specific date, if it’s not superficial then what is it? BUT during our September 2016 trip to Malacca, when we stepped back in to Bridal Place Malacca, out of pure curiosity and zero seriousness, Kenneth asked for their pre-wedding photoshoot package. Here’s what they have:

  • 7 gowns (you can mix and match how many indoor and outdoor gowns you want based on how many locations you wanna shoot)
  • multiple blazers for the groom
  • full hair & make-up (and basic for groom)
  • make-up and hairstylist (1 person) follows you the entire day
  • as many location as you want as long as you can complete it

Guess how much? RM2100 (SGD700). EVEN THEN I was still “nah I don’t need it” but Kenneth was all “DAMN WORTH IT SIA WHY NOT?!” So we signed up for it and made another trip back in March 2017 for our shoot.

For the Singapore one, I initially wanted to engage Hong Ray Photography as, at that time, he was having a promotion at $700 for 3 hours with no printing. It worked for me ‘cos I only wanted photos of us with our 2 black poodles and we would print a few to decorate our reception table. When we met up with Hong Rui (his real name) around November 2016, we told him we were looking at having our shoot around early April 2017, right after our Malacca shoot and he was all “oh yea, sure, but don’t confirm now ‘cos I may have wedding photography around then so let’s play by ear” and we thought, ok, cool. As the date got closer, around end Jan – early Feb 2017, we contacted him again and GUESS WHAT?! He told us his rates have increased to $800 ‘cos it a new year. DUDE. YOU TOLD US NOT TO CONFIRM END OF LAST YEAR. WAS THAT YOUR TRICK TO EARN THAT EXTRA $100? BYE FELICIA.

Sure, $800 for 3 hours may not seem much BUT would YOU have been happy if this happened to you? Your potential vendor telling you not to confirm till later date and when the date got closer, it was a new year and he tells you he’s increased his rates? I smell dishonesty.

So out of desperate measures, I contacted my actual day photographer, Samantha from Bittersweet Photography, and because we had already signed them up for our actual day, we had a further 10%. So even though it was supposed to be $275/hr, after discount, it turned out to be $247.5/hr. For 3 hours, that would be $742.5, $57.50 cheaper than Hong Ray Photography‘s $800 for 3 hours! I can have a nice meal at a cafe with Kenneth with that $57.50.

In the end, you know what’s EVEN better? On that very day itself, we only took 1 hour to complete our shoot because Samantha was a real professional plus Sophie & Hachi were both so well behaved we managed to take a zillion beautiful shots within that 1 hour. In the end we only paid the deposit of $371.25 because we only took up 1.5 hours of Samantha’s time (the initial half an hour was wasted on a previous location we wanted to use but turned out to be pet UNFRIENDLY).

Is there anything I liked/disliked about these 2 photoshoot services?

MALACCA WAS SO GODDAMN HOT. OH. MY. GOD. Me in my sleeveless gowns I was already perspiring like MAD, can you imagine what Kenneth had to go through in his long sleeve white shirt AND blazer?! We perspired so much I believe we lost weight just by perspiring alone. Also, the photographer didn’t quite know how to SPEAK UP and every single time he asked for a pose I had to ask him to repeat at least 2 more times before I got what he was trying to say. As if the heat wasn’t frustrating enough.

As for the shoot with Samantha from Bittersweet Photography, there wasn’t anything in particular I disliked. We had a great time with Samantha and the photographs turned out exceptionally beautiful. She also allowed me to send back a certain amount of photos from the batch she sent me for her to further edit to my preference. To top it all off, Samantha’s style was way closer to what I had in mind than Hong Rui’s style so thank God I ditched him and went with Samantha instead.

Would I still engage these 2 photoshoot services again?

Not Malacca. Sure, it was cheap at $700. Sure, we had so many gowns. But another whole day out in the sun, another day of trying to figure out what the photographer was trying to say in that hot sun, NO THANKS. I’m much happier doing a 1-3 hours casual photoshoot with my dogs in Singapore. Serves its purpose, gets job done.

Also for Hong Ray Photography, if anyone wants to engage him, make sure you don’t contact him at the end of the year for projects the next year. Now you know his trick to earn extra money from you by asking you to delay confirmation and taking that chance to increase his rates once the new year hits. Aside from that, feel free to engage his services any other time if his style fits yours.



Who did I engage?

Also Samantha from Bittersweet Photography! If you have read up to here, you would have already known that I engaged her for my actual day photography as well.

Why did I engage her specifically?

I first met up with my videographer, who showed me a few photographer partners he had and Samantha’s photos stood out the most to me. -Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying she’s the best and any other photographer is shit -NO- but her style of photography best reflects what I wanted: reaction shots, not posey posey shots.

So while there are really horrible photographers (some of which have the audacity to charge professional rates), there are also a whole bunch of amazing photographers, From these bunch of amazing photographers, Samantha’s style was the closest to what I preferred. So, to me, she IS the best!

And she’s nice to talk to in person!

Is there anything I liked/disliked about her services?

She allows sneak previews! It’s not mentioned anywhere in the contract but if you message her nicely, she will send a few sneaks. That’s actually for the pre-wedding shoot with my black poodles but for actual day, because Singapore Brides wanted to feature our wedding, Kenneth messaged Samantha to ask for a few photographs she would like to be featured. (In return she practically sent me all except for group shots LOL.)

If there’s just one thing I had to point out that I didn’t like, it would be the fact that she replies Whatsapp messages really slowly. Sometimes she might not even reply. But to be honest that’s really the most trivial problem to ever have because at the end of the day she still delivers and she delivers amazing product.

Would I engage her again?

Yes. Definitely yes. Heck, if I get knocked up and intend to do maternity shots, if Samantha’s style doesn’t change and she continues to self-improve like she has constantly been doing so, if my preference in photography doesn’t change, I’d still choose her.



Who did I engage?

Teck Kuan from The Next Chapter Film.

Why did I engage him in particular?

Teck Kuan was actually introduced to us by Bianca (the wedding planner of our overseas dinner reception & co-owner of Kebun where we had it). Kenneth and I initially had no intentions of meeting up with him as I had a friend who also did wedding day videography (Ryan from Camistry Lab and Red Brick Pictures) but at that time I was looking at doing some animation stuff for my montage video and after asking around a bit, Teck Kuan seemed to be the only one (out of the few videographers I knew at that time) who could do what I wanted.

Fast forward to actual day, I didn’t get Teck Kuan to do the animation for my montage video and I did it in a different way haha BUT I did not pull out from Teck Kuan. Not just because Kenneth had already paid for the 50% deposit BUT because if you go to The Next Chapter Film’s Facebook to check them out, you will notice they don’t just do wedding videography. They are very versatile, with a vast range of videography projects like government shoots or advertorial shoots. Not only that, they have won a HUGE RANGE of awards for many different videography projects they did!

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about his services?

There was a point when we were communicating via Whatsapp about the timing on actual day and Teck Kuan kept using the contract as referral. He DID have the rights to as our relationship at that point was greatly based on the contract we signed. Kenneth on the other hand wasn’t too pleased with the inflexibility of Teck Kuan as a result.

However, after further discussions over the months leading up to the actual day, Teck Kuan turned out to be more flexible than we thought. He was ok with coming half an hour earlier than the timing stated in the contract to match with the photographer’s timing so as to capture similar moments. Also, the actual day videography extended by about half an hour more than the 6 hours we engaged him for due to unforeseen delays and I’m hoping he doesn’t charge us that extra half an hour (we haven’t paid him the remaining ‘cos we are still waiting on our full video)!

Aside from these initial mini hiccups, Teck Kuan was also easy to communicate ideas with. He would tell us his concerns when we tell him what we wanted in our videos so that we would adjust in order for him to be able to video the contents smoothly. Teck Kuan also has a clear image of what he wants to video down and very easy to trust. He tells us what to do, we do it, and woala, our highlights video turned out amazing!

Would I engage him again?

If I redid my wedding, I probably would. His style of videography sends the message across clearly. Similar to photography, the grand/posey style has never been my kind of style. Teck Kuan’s videography style manages to capture AND portray the emotions of the event.



Where did we hold our church wedding?

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Why did we choose this venue?

To be very honest, the Cathedral was never on the list of churches I wanted to choose from. My first option was Novena Church because of its central location, large premises and historical architecture. Lo and behold, Novena Church was closed for renovation. My next option was Church of Saints Peter and Paul, simply because of their beautiful architecture and it’s also central! Fully booked. And so were many other beautiful churches from the range of Bras Basah to even Telok Blangah.

Then my mother’s colleague told Kenneth and me about Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. They had just went through a thorough renovation and face-lift and looked pretty damn amazing! Our wedding date was available so without thinking twice, we went with them.

Is there anything in particular that we liked/disliked about this place?

SO MANY THINGS WE DISLIKED. The very first thing that did not make sense to me was how they restricted the size of my guests to 70 at the lunch reception area. Here’s why it doesn’t make sense to me: their main sanctuary, where the wedding ceremony is held, can easily seat up to 400-500 guests! We had approximately 300 guests and what?! Did they expect us to ask 230 of our guests to go home and only cater lunch for 70 of our guests?! ARE THEY USING THEIR BRAINS?! (We tackled this issue by releasing our guests batch by batch during the photo-taking session after the ceremony right before lunch.)

We went ahead anyway ‘cos we couldn’t find any other beautiful catholic churches in central area that was available on our wedding date. By beautiful I mean a church of a decent size to house our 300 guests, a church that doesn’t look haunted, a church that doesn’t look like its buildings were about to collapse.

Then when we contacted them for tables and chairs, they said NO FURNITURE PROVIDED. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. ARE YOU TELLING ME THE BASIC RECEPTION TABLE, THE VERY BASIC OF EVERY GOD DAMN WEDDING, ISN’T EVEN PROVIDED?! So I flipped. Big time. Sent them a major long email, expressing my disappointment. To which they then reluctantly provided us with one reception table.

The Cathedral provided free floral set up but we had to pay an extra $200 if we wanted to decorate the table where we signed our Certificate of Marriage. So naturally we payed the extra $200 cos why the hell not but GUESS WHAT?! THE TABLE WAS NOT DECORATED A SINGLE BIT. (Really tempted to ask for my $200 to be refunded but it’s ok I decided to be more God Loving when they apparently AREN’T and also treat that as my tithe and offering.)

Oh, they also kept mixing up our rehearsal timing. The wedding guideline the Cathedral sent us by email clearly stated that rehearsals will be on the Thursday before our wedding from 8pm-9pm. However, the admin (Rebecca) sent us an email stating the rehearsal will be from 6pm-7pm. WHAT? In WHICH WORLD are you in to think that I can activate everyone at 6pm? Most corporate people end work at around 6pm and 6pm-7pm is usually either dinner time or travel time. But it’s ok. They agreed to change the timing back to 8pm-9pm after a bit of hustle and bustle.

Then on the actual day itself, one of the glass doors at the reception area (JM Beurel Centre 1st Storey Hall of Annex Building) cracked. The caterer had notified us on that issue when they were clearing out and the church also called us soon after when we were on our way to Kenneth’s place to have our tea ceremony. We told them we were not aware who cracked the door and they left it as that for……..a week and a half. The very day Kenneth and I got back from our trip to Lombok (where we had our destination dinner reception), the Cathedral sent us an email to address this issue again.


Again, don’t get me wrong. If the door was cracked by one of our guests, we were more than willing to take responsibilities BUT was there any evidence? I’m not willing to just take responsibilities blindly! Who knows the crack might have already been there even before our wedding. Who knows the caterer might have been the one who cracked the door.

So I replied, asking for CCTV footage in order for us to get to the bottom of the matter and settle it mutually.


There are so many more things I am deeply unsatisfied with but this post might never come to an end so I’ll leave it with main issues already being addressed. The only thing I like about the Cathedral was really just their beautiful rich history and architecture. Nothing else.

Will I use this venue again?

NOT IN A MILLION YEARS, NOT EVEN FOR MY FUNERAL, HELL NO. Even if Kenneth and I were to renew our vows in the next 10/20/30 years, I’m NEVER going back to the Cathedral. What a shame. A beautiful church with a beautiful architecture and rich history, all destroyed by their management. Bye Felicia.


7) Priest/Justice of Peace


Who did we engage?

Father Justin Lim from Church of St Mary of the Angels.

Why did we choose him?

Kenneth and I searched for a million priests before we managed to engage Father Justin. Ok, maybe not a million but it did feel like a million.

Similar to the situation with getting a church for our wedding, most priests were engaged on our wedding date. On top of that, many priests couldn’t seem to understand why we weren’t getting married in Kenneth’s parish (the church Kenneth attends is in the west and it isn’t fair for my relatives to travel all the way to the west for our wedding so we settled with a church in central area). PLUS, not many priests were happy with solemnising a wedding outside their own parish. They also didn’t seem to understand the fact that the priests in Kenneth’s parish were either going to be posted to another parish or not registered as a Justice of Peace. Lastly, a few were actually judging Kenneth for not attending church regularly.

On that very last point, it was quite upsetting for me as a fellow Christian (despite being a protestant) to see Kenneth’s faith waver even further ‘cos of judgemental priests. All that hard work trying to get Kenneth trust God more seemed to dissipate with a blink of an eye. Can you imagine how infuriating that was?

After going through the whole list of Justices of Peace (who are also Catholic priests), Kenneth got hold of Father Clifford. Who was also engaged on our wedding date. BUT. He introduced us to Father Justin Lim. THAT was when we knew it was all God’s plan.

Father Justin was possibly the most open-minded priest you can ever find. While being open-minded, he was also aware of his duty as a priest to serve God by sharing God’s love through many wise words of encouragement. Father Justin was not only understanding but also very down to Earth. That was when Kenneth and I understood why so many priests had turned us down; God had prepared Father Justin to be our Justice of Peace from the very beginning.

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about Father Justin?

Nothing I disliked. I have so much respect for him I don’t even know where or how to begin. Father Justin isn’t just your priest or justice of peace. He’s also someone you can communicate with at friends level. He’s someone you can joke around with and yet get things done.

Would I engage him again?

If I redid my wedding, YES. OVER AND OVER AGAIN YES. I can’t imagine anyone else solemnising us. He is truly sent from God to us.



Who did I engage?

Cindy Lam.

Why did I engage her?

She’s a friend who just got her make-up certificate and needed help with her first wedding gig.

Initially I tried another MUA out and although her make-up & hair were alright, her fees were STEEP for first time wedding gig (I was charged $500 for bridal hair & make up for her first time and that was ON TOP of the $180 I paid for her trials!).

Then Cindy’s boyfriend, Zi Gui (Kenneth’s uni mate), approached us and asked us to let Cindy have a try at trials. Her first trial was just $88 and subsequent trials were free! The first trial wasn’t as expected maybe ‘cos it was her first try at a dramatic look. I personaly am not a fan of the current Korean wedding make up trend and I wanted a Kardashian inspired make up even though I know my eyelids don’t crease similarly. On second trial (free), Cindy got it!

Both trials I requested for half up-do but slightly before the wedding I changed my mind for full up-do and despite the last minute change in decision, she did it pretty well!

Her fees are also currently VERY REASONABLE ‘cos, like I said, she just started out. And she’s doing a pretty damn good job for someone who just started out!

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about her services?

She is definitely not as skilled as the well renowned make-up artists and she took quite a while to master matte make up as it dries up very fast and doesn’t blend easily. I also did wish she knew how to put on double eyelid tapes. Lipstick wasn’t what I had in mind either but on hind side, it became a unique choice for a wedding cos no one else at our wedding had seen any bride in such gothic lip colour before. It of course didn’t please the in-laws but hey, we still got married HAHA.

Would I engage her again?

YES. Full support yes. She’s a friend who needed the help. If I didn’t help her, it might have been more difficult for her to debut. But I would have definitely done a few more trials with her so we could further perfect the look!

Aside from that, to give her more credit, check out her instagram and you can also see she does other forms of make up perfectly. In her defence I had a very difficult demand for my make up hahaha and she did my mother’s make up and hair perfectly!



Who did I engage?

Royal Blooms.

Why did I engage them?

Royal Blooms was introduced by a fellow actor friend who happened to have a friend who has a floral business. After asking around for many different quotes, Alexis from Royal Blooms was the only one who kept insisting on a meet up. After the meet up, after about an hour of discussion, her quote was the cheapest. Also, the photos she had on her instagram prior to our meet up (this post and before) were similar to the monochromic colour scheme I had in mind.

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about their services?

I have to be very frank here, the floral arrangement was not anything I had in mind. The only criteria met was the style of my hand bouquet (cascading) and the style of car decor. Aside from these 2 criteria, nothing else matched.

Let me show you the comparison:

What I got vs. the image reference I provided.

I wanted a monochromic colour scheme for my bouquet with fuchsia carnations and purple hydrangeas but, according to them, hydrangeas don’t go well in cascading bouquets (which is total bullshit ‘cos I had mini hydrangeas in my lombok bouquet which was semi cascading). I felt like there were too many other side flowers that stole the attention away from the carnations, the colours of my bouquet did not stand out enough and there were way too much greens, covering the already-not-outstanding-enough flowers.

Also, my bridesmaids’ bouquets were NO WHERE SIMILAR to my bouquet so my bridesmaids could turn up to my wedding with their bouquets in their hands and people might not have believed their bouquets were of any link to mine.

And for my bridal car deco:

What I got vs. the image references I provided.

Again, way too much greens, I could barely see much flowers from afar. They could have added more baby breath at the very least to contrast with the dark brown colour of my bridal car. I felt they should have suggested 100% artificial flowers as artificial flowers are generally larger and artificial flowers do not dry up in misery under hot sun. The sun wasn’t even out much that day but the real flowers she used ALL WITHERED BY EVENING TIME, making the entire decor look so pathetic.

Talking about sun. The sun wasn’t out much ‘cos it was raining on our wedding day. The car decor kept getting caught in the windscreen wipers when it rained in the morning and drizzled a little in the afternoon. So we had to drive (dangerously) without our wipers on in the rain so the floral decor wouldn’t get snapped by the windscreen wipers. I’m no floral person but I’m sure something could have been done to secure the flowers if not this style of car decor wouldn’t even exist.

So aside for reasonable pricing, there’s really nothing else I was satisfied with in terms of what they provided.

Would I engage her again?




Which caterer did I engage?

Royal Catering.

Why did I engage them?

Royal Catering was introduced to us by a previous manager of a drinking place Kenneth and I regularly visits. We were also introduced to a few others but I felt Royal Catering’s menu was the most appealing and reasonably priced.

I didn’t want an entirely asian spread. I wanted mostly western with a mix of a few asian cuisines. Their Romance Menu had just that.

Is there anything in particular that I liked/disliked about their services?

A lot of satisfaction!

Let’s start with food tasting. We were allowed 6 dishes to sample. We could either head down to their kitchen or get the food delivered to our doorstep. Obviously delivery right, so we know the standard even after reheating. They were 15 minutes late, which wasn’t an issue for us ‘cos we were going to be home the entire day, and they apologised repeatedly. The food came hot (except eclairs and fruit tarts which were chilled) with multiple utensils including disposable plates! And all their food were DELISH.

We also went down to recce the reception area. It took us quite a while to come to an agreement for the set up mainly because the indoor area was very very small. We bounced ideas off each other in a very professional yet friendly matter, to which we were able to agree on a final set up where both buffet lines would be set up indoors with chairs lined up against the walls and cocktail tables at the outdoor area for people who would be ok with standing.

There was no delay in set up. Everything was set up according to plan, food was ALL FRESH AND YUMMY. You know how people say food sampling is usually better than actual day. For our case, they kept to their standard even on actual day.

OH another thing! We were supposed to have a live mee siam station ‘cos it seems to be the “in” thing now. From the very beginning I’ve never been a huge fan of live station because the queue is usually never ending and I don’t really want my guest to go through that. ALSO, because the reception area is so GOD DAMN SMALL it was just impossible to have any live station at all. So the manager checked with the kitchen and managed to give us a few options to switch to, and we chose to have a sushi platter!

The best thing of all was how they understood how difficult the Cathedral is and helped us with liaising with the church on our behalf and managed to get everything set up AND cleared within the strict time frame the Cathedral gave us. Of course, also with the help of Kenneth’s friend’s supervision.

If I have to point one just one thing I think they could do better, is to provide containers for packing leftovers. We had SO MUCH leftover it was all wasted. I really didn’t mind paying for containers as it would have been way too hectic for us to bring our own. It’s never easy to order food of the just-right amount so having the option to pay for containers for leftovers would really work wonders.

Would I engage them again?

Yes. Many times over, YES. I will most probably stick to them for subsequent events that need catering. Their food and services were just top notch, with very reasonable pricing!



How did I get them done?

I found a website (I doubt I can disclose it here and you will soon find out why) where you can design your invitation cards either by uploading your own template or by using the millions of templates they already have available (some of which allows you to use your own photo as part of the design).

I obviously know nuts about graphic design so I made use of the templates they have available. I specifically chose a template that allowed me to use my own photo as background. It really wasn’t too difficult; they even have text fields for you to fill up accordingly! You can also add/remove text fields and move them to the position of your preference.

After I had the designs ready, Kenneth happened to hear his army mate that he provides designing and printing services. Since I already had my invitation card designed, I saved the design on my desktop (right click, save image) and got Kenneth’s friend to help print.

ALSO, I heard from friends who printed through their hotels and their designing+printing cost MORE THAN DOUBLE of what we had to pay! So anyone looking for help in designing and printing your invitation cards, send me an email and I’ll help you out.

Why did I do them this way?

I didn’t have any hotel banquet planned in Singapore so there was no invitation card planned out for us. When I found the website that allowed me to design my own invitation card, I also saw the insane price tag to printing it. If Kenneth’s friend had not approached us, I would have also saved the designed I did and went to find a neighbourhood printing store to help print. I’m pretty certain it would still have cost a whole lot cheaper.

Is there anything I liked/disliked during this process?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. There were no hiccups at all with this procedure. It was a whole lot of fun designing my own invitation card and cost a whole lot cheaper printing it on semi our own and not through any vendor.

Would I still do it this way?

Yes. MANY TIMES OVER YES. I will still do it this way for future events that require invitation cards.




Bride: Aldo

Groom: Pedro

No point getting branded footwear la please. NO ONE IS GOING TO NOTICE AS LONG AS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER DOES NOT DO A CLOSE UP SHOT OF YOUR FOOTWEAR. And as long as your gowns are floor-length.



Home Nails. Their seats were very comfortable and their nail art skills is really top notch. Very friendly staff too!



All in all, here are the lists of vendors I will and will not engage again if I could redo my wedding.

Highly recommended, will engage again:

Highly NOT recommended, engage at your own risk/preference:



I hope this post has helped some of you somewhere somehow, if you’re planning to have your wedding in Singapore. To end this post, I will gift (HAHA) you with the most common and cliched advice ever:

Enjoy the process of wedding planning. It may be one of the most frustrating planning you might have to ever do but the end result of it might be the most beautiful of it all. All those months of hard work planning for your wedding will be worth it.

Communicate with your partner. You could be hot-headed while trying to make certain difficult decisions and a second opinion from the person you’re marrying will help you see things clearer.

Do extensive research. Do not believe everything at face-value. Most reviews might not even match what you had in mind. Ask for samples, ask for confirmation, ask for as many things as possible to help you decide (BUT DON’T BE CHEAPSKATE AH).

All the best for your wedding and don’t forget to smile & enjoy your big day!

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#weeKENDEXclusive2207 is a month old!

You did not read it wrong but you might have read it wrong. HAHA. A week after our church wedding in Singapore (#weeKENDEXclusive1507), we had our dinner reception in Lombok (#weeKENDEXclusive2207). See the difference now? 😀

More specifically, we had our dinner reception in Kebun Villas & Resort. Here’s Kebun’s Facebook and here’s Kebun’s website.

All in all, thank God we did a destination dinner reception with a small guest list. It far exceeded what we had in mind for our dream wedding. It was prettier, grander, more elaborate and most importantly, extremely fun.

The day itself (22nd July 2017) started late. Because it was only going to be dinner reception, we still had the chance to wake up pretty late (at around 0930, just in time to order breakfast!).

After we had our breakfast with our best man, maid of honour and their plus ones in the common room of Kebun’s 3 bedroom villa (where we held our dinner reception), Kenneth headed out to explore a bit of Lombok around Kebun while I headed to Kebun’s infinity pool (by far the longest on the island) to continue working on my tan. All these so that we wouldn’t obstruct Bianca Fung, the general manager of Kebun, from setting up the venue for our dinner reception!

Y’know, weddings usually have hiccups here and there? Believe it or not, even our simple dinner reception had hiccups. Here’s where it started: Kenneth and I headed back to the 3 bedroom villa at 1pm, ready to start having our hair done by a local hairstylist. We waited and waited…1:30pm still no sign of hairstylist. 1:45pm, Kenneth headed out and realised the hairstylist had just arrived and was waiting outside without notifying anyone.

In other words, 45 minutes delay from the very start. On top of that, Kenneth and I somehow FORGOT that we had arranged for hair and make up for both our mums! So we desperately started trying to get a hold of them but my parents did not purchase local SIM cards and practically could not be contacted when they’re not in WIFI zones. Thankfully my bridesmaid, Gwendolin, happened to be having lunch with my mum so she notified my mum, my mum rushed through her lunch and hurried back to the 3 bedroom villa.

My hair took ages to be done. Meanwhile, photographers and videographer arrived. They couldn’t really take much photos of us getting ready ‘cos the hairstylist barely started on my hair. So he started taking a few mandatory shots:



While waiting for me, Kenneth got restless and started using his phone (which later turned out to be his thank you speech…to think I didn’t even prepare my own speech and just improvised my entire thank you speech!).


After a long long looooong while (about 2 hours?) Hair is done!

IMG_4996IMG_5022Ok la I have to say, I’m damn impressed. She really did an amazing job.

Then I proceeded to do my own make up. Yes, you heard me right, we unknowingly arranged for make up for our mums but I decided to do my own make up. This was purely intentional as I somewhat only trust my own hands when it comes to making up my own face.


Time to head out for a mini photoshoot before we standby for our dinner reception!IMG_5064aIMG_5099aIMG_5140aWe even had a special appearance! Nada! Self-declared my furry God-daughter hahahaha.

IMG_5169aLook at her!! ❤


Gates opened at 6pm. Kenneth and I went into hiding slightly before that! Let me give you a glimpse of the set up!

IMG_4938IMG_4940IMG_4947IMG_5061IMG_5008IMG_5010Notice the little credit card sized bottle opener? Kenneth and I took quite a long time to decide what we would like to get our guests for wedding favours. I asked Kenneth, “what is one thing that reminds people of us?” To which Kenneth replied, “beer!” Then EUREKA! LET’S GET BOTTLE OPENERS!

I did a bit of research for what kind of bottle openers we would like to get designed. Initially we had the idea of using poker card designed bottle openers but then it wouldn’t really be special to our dinner reception. Then I saw designs with names and dates on it so I started searching for wedding favor companies in Singapore to convey my ideas. Thankfully, SG Wedding Favors did an amazing job! Everyone loved their customised wedding favours!

IMG_5312The cake was another thing that blew my mind away. I initially thought it would just be a 2 tier cake but someway or another, we got a 3 tier cake! I knew I definitely wanted a REAL cake because I attended so many weddings (actually ALL the weddings) where the cakes the hotels provided were fake and sometimes really ugly! The horror!

So when I planned this dinner reception with Bianca, I told her I wanted a real cake. And to compliment the maroon set up, I had requested for the cake to be in lavender colour. We also requested for blueberry lemon flavour and it was such a hit that it got completely wiped out moments after it was served at the end of the reception!

Bianca also set up a nice little floral backdrop for people who wanted to take photographs. I didn’t want to get a photobooth ‘cos I felt it’s way overdone. So here’s a shot of both our parents with the backdrop!

IMG_2624IMG_5373IMG_5033Instead of the conventional wedding guest signing book, Bianca proposed the idea of having a wooden guest signing board.


Before we marched in, the bridesmaids dedicated speeches to us. Then……we marched in!

IMG_5414aI wanted to walk in to our guests holding sparklers on either side of the walkway but the sparklers wouldn’t light up 😦


Another unique element Bianca had suggested was the floating lotus. The guests (and us) would say a wish or two for us as newlyweds before setting the floating lotus to float in the pool.

IMG_5446Shortly after this shot, our lotus sank HAHA. We tried another 2-3 times but they all sank! I think the dish the lotus was on was too heavy.

IMG_5649Some of our guests’ lotuses managed to stay afloat though!

Popping of champagne was definitely mandatory.

IMG_5498aIt was surprisingly easy for Kenneth to pop the champagne and my guess was the air pressure in the flight caused the pressure in the champagne bottle to be affected, thus making it easy for Kenneth to pop!

IMG_5547Bride too short.

Dinner began.

IMG_5568aWe were served an extensive spread of food. Here’s the menu:

  • Appetizer – Linguine with cream sauce and smoked salmon on top (Italian)
  • Appetizer – Crispy noodles with fish (Chinese)
  • Appetizer – Nachos with chili con carne, guacamole, salsa sauce & sour cream (Mexican)
  • Appetizer – French fries (Western)
  • Mains – Tom Yum Soup (Thai)
  • Mains – Nasi Puyung (Lombok)
  • Mains – Cauliflower Tempura (Fusion?)
  • Mains – Pelecing Kangkung with Tempe (Lombok)
  • Mains – Ares with extra beef (beef in banana infused curry – Lombok)
  • Mains – Chicken Kung Pao (Chinese)
  • Mains – Burrito (Mexican)
  • Dessert – Wedding cake (Western)
  • Dessert – Dark Chocolate Fondue with fruit skewers and churros (Spanish)
  • Dessert – ice popsicle, haw flakes and rabbit sweets (Singaporean/Malaysian)

As you can see, we had a very international spread!

During dinner, after we had a few bites, we started moving around to take pictures and mingle.IMG_5596aIMG_5621aIMG_5652IMG_5654Can you see us seated at this table too? Reason why we’re more than willing to move around was because we also have seats at the lounge area where our friends and cousins were at. In other words, we could also enjoy the food at the lounge area with our own utensils!

Soon enough, it was time for both our fathers and also both groomsmen to do their speeches. Right after, we did one more unique thing that was suggested by Bianca: canvas monogram!

IMG_5709aIMG_5765We poured paint over the canvas and when it’s dry, just the heart-shaped artwork with our initials will be in colour. The rest of the canvas in white.

We also had a surprise game. Not so surprise ‘cos it’s a trending wedding game and the moment I saw 2 chairs placed out for us I kinda knew it was that game 😛

IMG_5746aCan you guess what game? The emcee asks questions like “who is the messier one” and you raise your shoe or your spouse’s shoe to answer.

Something like this.

One of the questions I remembered the most clearly was, who chugs down a bottle of beer faster. I thought I was the faster one! So we had an impromptu competition.

IMG_5772I lost. -_-

Then we did our speeches. I’m pretty surprised I managed to pull off my impromptu speech! Though I did forget to thank Kenny (the owner), Bianca and their staff 😛

Time for cake!

IMG_5854aThis was literally all we had. We shared a slice. Wanted more but nope, none, zilch, finito. 😦

TIME FOR PARTY!!!IMG_5932The first thing I requested for our dinner reception was: A LOT OF BEER. So on the very first day we arrived at Lombok, we bought 10 cartons of beer for the dinner reception and remaining of our trip. Kenneth also asked friends to help bring in bottles of Macallan and Martell (total of 8 bottles of Macallan and 2 bottles of Martell).

We had a blast with our friends!


All in all, it was a blast. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s only been a month but each time we think back, we always say, “thank God we did our dinner reception overseas.”

We not only had a lot of fun but also lots of fond memories to hold on to. We also trust that our guests managed to enjoy themselves. There wasn’t a single point during the dinner reception where we felt tired or reluctant. Kenneth and I were all smiles from the moment we marched in together.

Here’s a little video to sum up our dinner reception:

Lastly, for the part of my speech I forgot, here’s to Kenny and Bianca:

Thank you both for helping us set up such an amazing dinner reception. I remember how I first sent Kebun an email to enquire about your wedding package last year March, only to find out from a mutual friend that you guys were actually in Singapore attending a wedding and seated right beside him.

We had an impromptu meet up at Millenia Walk where I still had no idea what I wanted for my wedding theme. You showed me pictures of the previous wedding you did at Kebun and I said, “that’s exactly what I DON’T want.” All because that wedding’s theme was Tiffany Blue HAHA.

You patiently asked me questions like what my favourite colour was, what colour palette I would prefer, what kind of lighting I was looking at and so on. With just a little information, you sourced out tons of pictures that matched what I somewhat had in mind.

Kenneth and I took a trip down to Lombok and stayed at your villa in order for us to have a better view of what we might be getting ourselves into. Fast forward slightly over a year later, after a few more meet ups whenever you guys came back to SG, you didn’t deliver what we had in mind. Nope, you delivered WAY BETTER! Far exceeding our expectations!

The dinner reception wouldn’t have happened so smoothly if not for both of your brainstorming and hard work behind the scenes. #weeKENDEXclusive2207 would never have happened if you did not initiate to meet us.

With that, Kenneth and I want to sincerely thank you from the deepest most bottom of our hearts. We hope the friendship we forged over the past 17 months or so will continue to flourish in its own unique way.


All photos and video by Timeless Photography Lombok.

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#weeKENDEXclusive1507 is a month old!

Yes, I’ve been married, officially for a month. What’s married life like, you say? A lot of things.

  1. Remembering you have an infinity ring on your left 4th finger and learning to be gentle during face washes just because of that.
  2. Waking up to the person you chose to marry and love for the rest of your life next to you every morning.
  3. Same goes for going to bed at night.
  4. Setting aside alone time for each other while still being beside each other physically.
  5. And very importantly, every married life is unique and different. What it is to me will most definitely be different for you but of course with a few similarities.

20045422_10154483056517434_8113920019210066836_o(Photo by Samantha Tay from Bittersweet Photography.)

The past one month has been the happiest month of my life. I no longer have to go to bed facing my greatest fear of darkness alone. I get greeted with a good morning kiss every single morning.

Sure, we had our mini disagreements here and there over issues like when to go for our honeymoon and why, or you’re taking so-and-so’s advice too seriously but what’s a relationship without disagreements? That’s literally how we get to understand each other better and become closer.

Our wedding day itself was hectic. Things got delayed from the very beginning as my mum’s make up and hair took longer than expected and I could only start mine half an hour behind schedule. Due to the half an hour delay, everything became very frustratingly hectic for me BUT the show’s still got to go on, right?

IMG-20170715-WA0020IMG-20170715-WA0018IMG-20170715-WA0013(Photos by relatives.)

Thankfully enough there were no further delays and after he picked me up the traditional way, we managed to minimise the delay to just 15 minutes past marching in timing!

Photo 15-7-17, 9 58 24 AMPhoto 15-7-17, 9 58 50 AM(Photos by Max Xu.)

Actually, I could have marched in on time. I was ready and on standby by 9:40am. But on top of the fact that this is Singapore and guests are usually late but it’s ok I still love y’all for coming down to witness our special day, it rained. So despite the fact that I stated 9:45am on our invitation card, we still had guests streaming in past 10am. It took a lot of people to persuade me to give a 15 minutes grace period and start the march in at 10:15am (which I honestly wasn’t too happy about cos I myself highly dislike weddings that don’t start on time).

20157175_10155675044048117_6440784067150961987_o(Photos by Chester Tan Photography.)

To be frank, from the moment I marched in with my Dad, all the frustrations started melting away and everything else literally went by in a blur. I only clearly remember myself smiling from ear to ear, happy to see so many of our relatives and friends coming down to witness our wedding. We even had some who came in from overseas!

There were also some who couldn’t make it cos of work commitments or real honest illnesses but it’s ok, our hearts go out to you guys! We know it’s not pleasant to be working on a weekend or to even be ill for real.

20157551_10155675044238117_8271378314537616067_o20023808_10155675044233117_7476888401488186511_o20017734_10155675044383117_8294546951279221993_oIMG-20170803-WA0009(First 3 photos by Chester Tan Photography, last photo by a relative.)

We signed the papers, officially declaring ourselves as husband and wife in religion and in law. It’s really only at the end of our church wedding when I realised, a wedding is only 10% for ourselves and 90% for our guests.

Did it matter if we had a 1-man choir or an extensive choir? Nope. Did it matter if we had it at an empty church or a fully decorate church with hundreds of guests? Nope. What was really necessary was just the 2 of us, the Priest/JP and the papers. Adding a huge choir, inviting hundreds of guests makes the day a more joyous and lively one, of which neither of us actually had much time to sit back and soak in the atmosphere of it all.

Oh, remember the delay? Because of the delay, we didn’t get the chance to do our mini photo/videoshoot before our church wedding so we had to do it after the ceremony was over. And because of THAT we didn’t have much opportunity to hang out with our guests who took the time out to witness our wedding on a Saturday morning (they could be enjoying a huge sleep in!). So engaged couples out there, planning your wedding day, factor in LOTS of buffer time to avoid boo boo situations like this.

But then again, I guess we were lucky enough to have had the time to sit down and relax for about half an hour and at the same time take the chance to enjoy the food we catered. I don’t mean to brag, but I think our catering was the best out of all the weddings we’ve attended HAHA (kudos to Royal Catering). BUT on THAT NOTE, to any of you out there getting married, do not over order.

We catered for 80% of our guests but even then we had LOTS of wastage. Why? ‘Cos you will definitely have guests messaging you a day or two before your wedding, telling you they can’t make it (and some won’t even bother to message so there you go). What can you do? No caterer is going to allow you to change the serving size of your catering just 1-2 days prior. So here’s a tip: cater for 60%. Or be brave, 50% might even be enough.

IMG-20170715-WA0005(Photo by groomsman.)

Church wedding: done. Next up: tea ceremony. Here’s the tricky part: my parents are very, VERY superstitious. They did some “research” and told us that 2pm-4pm is a very inauspicious timing and we should not be exiting any household (for the first time that day) within that timing. So when we reached his place, it was already 1:55pm. What did we do? Stepped into his house and stepped back out to make sure we had already stepped out of his house together that day and any subsequent exits wouldn’t count.

We went back in at 2:01pm to be ultra safe. This was when the traditional side of the wedding continued. All of us here should already know every country has its own traditional take to weddings. Then, within Singapore weddings, each and every dialect also has its own specific practises. There’s only one thing I can say: thank God we’re both Hakkas.

IMG-20170715-WA0037IMG-20170715-WA0039IMG-20170715-WA0041(Photos by relatives.)

After attending so many weddings, hearing so many different stories and also being part of a few bridal parties, we were quite surprised that Hakka traditions for weddings are less complicated. Sure, it’s still way more complicated than a normal church wedding but let’s face it; most of us will not be able to escape with just a church wedding. I’ve even seen ROM ceremonies that have all the traditional procedures like 过大礼 and/or gatecrash and so on!

Being Hakkas (both of us), we seemed to have avoided crazy early gate crash timings, bought less traditional things and maybe even did less. There were quite a few things that Hakka traditions didn’t have but we still added it in anyway like the 四点金 to name the very least.

IMG-20170715-WA0030IMG-20170715-WA0043(First photo by relative, second photo by groomsman.)

All in all, there’s only one thing I can say. Choose your husband wisely. For such a LONG AND HECTIC day, who you marry really matters. The right husband will, on top of his own frustrations, help you out in every way to minimise your own frustrations.

Can you imagine? We only had a church wedding and the 2 sides of tea ceremonies but it still felt like a crazy day to me. What about those who had or will have their banquet on the very same day? Yikes. No thanks. This was why we decided to have our banquet overseas a week later (will post about that another time soon).

After everything was over, with a drink each in our hands, we scooted off to Four Points by Sheraton where his sister-in-law arranged a sweet room for us! We also invited our bridal party and their plus-ones to join us for a nice and relaxing yet intimate dinner at Boat Quay to celebrate all the hard work we did over the past few months and on that very day itself.

20229844_10155498912630912_8427913296354665831_o.jpg(Photo by bridesmaid.)

The end!

Just kidding.

So here’s a little last (few) advice(s).

It is really important to choose the right people to be a part of your bridal party. Size doesn’t matter. You can have 2 or 4 or 8 or 10 or 20 or even the whole kampong but what’s most important is you get those who can literally help you out.

Delegate. Don’t feel shy to ask for help. You can NEVER do everything on your own. It’s just impossible. You won’t enjoy it either. But of course, with all these help, it’s also right to help back on their special occasions as well. That’s why you choose the right people to help you.

We had a very small bridal party. 2 on each side. He called in one more friend to help drive us. And since we had a small team, he also called upon a few more guys to help with ushering. That, to me, worked out perfectly. I didn’t have too many people around me to make me ochlophobic but we still got the day done.

The most important of it all, don’t forget your ang paos. The purpose of the ang paos is not to boast and neither is it for your friends to “earn money”. It really is to maintain your friendship with these people who went through so much to help you with your big day.

Why do I say this? I was part of a bridal party once (about 2.5 years back) and I did not receive a single cent from the bride. No ang pao from her, not even the gate crash ang paos. We still remained friends until somewhere around the beginning of this year, she wasn’t happy that I invited someone SHE didn’t like and tried to decide who I could or could not invite to my wedding and guess what? She didn’t even turn up to my church wedding AND overseas banquet. So much for the big hoo-haa. Friends no more. Bye felicia.

Don’t sabotage your friendships. Give ang paos rightfully. Delegate. And most importantly of it all, you can never be in full control of your wedding on the day itself. So sit back and relax. As long as your groom and Priest/JP is there, you WILL have your wedding.

To end this post, here’s a little video on the highlights of our actual day wedding:

(Video by Teck Kuan & Deryck from The Next Chapter Film.)

Oh, the husband? He’s none other than my high school crush: Kenneth Fam.

Maybe I should do another post about how we met haha!


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I’ve been married. Almost a month.

Stay tuned!

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Greetings!IMG_20150201_092238I believe it’s time for some update (:

Things have been going great and bad at the same time.

Let’s talk about the bad first.

One of my bosses decided she would pay me late for 2 months and when she did finally give me my cheques, she short-paid me. Political emails (with the help of the amazing boyfriend) flew here and there and I managed to shut her up. Doesn’t mean that’s the end. I am bringing the case up to the small claims tribunal to terminate my contract with her (without having to pay a ridiculous compensation of $2000).

Aside from that, life has been great!

Valentine’s day came…

IMG_20150214_091650We had our V-day dinner at Pasta Bella 😀 The way he cares about my preferences is pretty damn amazing.

And even though he couldn’t find anything garfield, he placed a minnie mouse plush toy on top of a bouquet of flowers with a Pandora charm and paul frank key chain.. All ‘cos he knows I also love minnie mouse and paul frank.

He met the entire family.


This was at my grandma’s place. He rushed from the airport (he just got back from a company retreat but didn’t care how tired he was and still bought gifts for my entire family) to my place then over to my grandma’s. Grandma loves him. Auntie Michelle loves him. Basically my whole family loves him.

IMG_20150223_022618 Including Sophie and Hachi. More than anyone else.

Then came Chinese New Year!IMG_20150225_075940

We spent reunion and first day of CNY separately and his family kept questioning why he didn’t bring me out/over. So..yes, his family loves me. Too. More than any other family has ever loved me (other than my own parents of course).

But he came over on second day! He joined me for lunch with my dad’s side of the family before rushing down to my grandma’s place (on his own accord) to wish her happy new year.IMG_20150304_011918Tadah~

He then brought me over to his uncle’s place for dinner and (a lot of) drinking.

Third and fourth day was basically spent with him as well. A lot more visiting and drinking and of course..IMG_20150223_121331 more selfies together! For some reason I subconsciously left a lot of new clothes unworn and could wear them for the whole 4 day weekend of CNY.

He dragged me to River Ang Bao 2015 ‘cos apparently my dance video was aired there.IMG_20150228_082443 Us at the floating platform!

We didn’t manage to catch my video ‘cos we spent a bit of time looking for parking so…we missed it. But we still had fun! (minus me feeling suffocated by the crowd but it’s ok he got me out of there as soon as he realised.)

He’s been staying over at my place every weekend. Sometimes we eat whatever breakfast my parents buy us, sometimes he goes out to get breakfast for all of us and sometimes…
IMG_20150301_123149sometimes we just feel like eating out (: ignoremypuffyfaceokthankyou

Last Sunday we attended one of his secondary school classmate’s wedding dinner together (:
IMG_20150302_085410 IMG_20150303_094129 He insisted I go along as his plus-one.

If you were to ask how happy I am in life right now, I’d say never been better.

I have a boyfriend who

  • brings me on spontaneous dates
  • buys gifts for not just me but my entire family
  • takes care of Sophie and Hachi and even calls them “children”
  • asks me for my opinion and respects them
  • wants to tell the world I’m his girlfriend
  • proudly uploads pictures of me/us on social media
  • sacrifices his bed for me when I stayed over his place
  • would stay up all night just to make sure I have a good sleep
  • dries my hair for me when my hair is dripping with water after shower
  • closes my contact lens lotion bottle when I forget to close it
  • drives me home without fail no matter what time it is
  • holdsmyhandshugsmewipesmytearscarriesme
  • basicallyeverythingthatmakesmereallyhappy

And the best thing is, I’ve never asked him to do any of these for me.


Sophie and Hachi both love him like mad crazy. Oh, have I said that already? Heh.

All in all, life has been BAZINGA!

IMG_20150222_015347Till the next update, ciao~

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IMG_20150102_102222you are my lucky charm and you make me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. :*

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